Connect with the agriculture resources you need and get the results that you want. Tap into our years of market analysis and research.


Space Marketplace

Have a space you would like to see become a farm? Need space, design, materials, community to start a farm?


AgSphere Consulting

We offer valuable access to specialised sphere of influencers, activists, and experts sharing their collective resources and consulting that will support your farming journey from start to finish. 


Local Activism

Want a farming project to work on or need volunteers? 


Smart E-Agri Education

Got a passion for learning about sustainability, smart cities and digital farming?


These are the types of spaces you can grow on and turn your empty space into extra cash and crops

Storage Containers
Basement & Attic

Roofs, containers walls, ... oh my


Upload Your Agricultural
Space To Market

Do you have an empty space you want to share with someone who wants to farm? Feel like making an extra $15,000 a year out of 20m2? Need to save money on food by growing it? Or maybe you want to find a space to farm in, are looking for consulting on where and what to grow, searching for help with designing a farm, we are here to guide you from start to finish.

Discover More..

Aghub-Agsphere- &AgLabs

Making cities smarter the SkyFarms AgHub contains all the components necessary to inform about, engage with and replicate agriculture models that will take us into a Zero Hunger Paradigm.  Regular citizens can open their own AgLab to raise awareness about agriculture options available to us and find local farmers, consumers, agripreneurs who want to improve their community with producing, consuming and distributing fresh, healthy, sustainable grown food.

This is achieved by finding hosts who want to use their empty space to make extra crops or cash, or welcoming activists who want to organise their community around a farming project for their school, church, or community center, and finally, for those who want to engage in their own agriculture venture but lack the incentives of having space, knowledge, support, and materials.


Make Impact Happen

Combining Places, Programs and People to Create Positive Impact.

Wanna change the world..? It starts with YOU.., recruiting your neighbours in agriculture. Here you can download our step-by-step DIY, including:

*Replicable Template & Road Map

*Start-Up Support

*Programs & Events

*Community & Workspace

*Promotional materials

What do you get from starting a AgLab?

*Access Global Network of Resources to Grow Locally, Smart & Sustainable

*Stir up innovation, and micro-entrepreneurism

*Grow food, enjoy the connection, share it with others

* Ideas for projects

Help us, help you to start an AgLab in your community. What is an AgLab?