Sustainable Design for a SMART Future

When we talk about sustainable innovation, it’s design and development, there are many ways to apply this to every industry beyond agriculture through simple tested, tried and true principles:
1. Be collaborative (share, community)
2. Understand the existing ecosystem (various options exist for many models) 
3. Reuse and improve (circular)
4. Build to sustain (endure)
5. Design for the User (human/social/natural centric)
6. Design for scale (think global/act local)
7. Use open-source, open-information (transparency and inclusion)
8. Be data driven (measure, evaluate, interpret) 
9. Do no harm/Damage

Looking for ways to get involved in agriculture solutions? There are plenty of places we have identified to focus on and innovate across the whole system. 

Many of these issues could be the place where new agripreneurs will leave their legacy by shaping the future of food. 

These areas include consumer trends, food waste & traceability, agri-technology, climate change, renewable energy, land ownership, and employment. 

List of top 15 issues 

1. Consumer trends and activism
2. Distributing value chains based on collaboration/sharing/repurposing
3. Investment & finance in purpose, human/social/natural capital
4. Soil Regeneration, Land/Resource Management
5. Health & dietary habits
6. Rate and impact of technological development (AI, ioT, blockchain, drones, robotics, data)
7. Increased regulation of agro-food system: policy uncertainty
8. Climate change, crisis management, instability: drought, sanitation, migration, water availability 
9. Sustainable and productive use of land and water
10. Demand-side management (trade agreements)
11. Biosecurity (seed saving, variety loss)
12. Skilled personnel and labour, basic education
13. Infrastructure collapse, designing for sustainable SMART future
14. Safety and security on farms, rights and protections 
15. Nutrient Collapse

Come contribute your SMART ideas, evaluation, engagement and leadership to ensure SDG #ZEROHUNGER by 2030.