Open-Source Agriculture

The SkyFarms.io Open-Source Agrihub Initiative supports sustainable agriculture by: 1. Recruiting developers globally to collaborate on ways that locally search/match empty, unused space with new farmers 2. Assuring open access [ … ]


SkyFarms is dedicated to creating more access to space and #technology to #grow #fresh, #healthy#food locally. With tools like hydroponics food production can be done anywhere, anytime by anyone. It conserves #time, #space, #water, #energy, waste, and is a much [ … ]

Vertical Farming

What is Vertical Farming? A method of producing food in vertically stacked layers for structures like rooftops, walls, containers, warehouses and more. How does it work? Often uses controlled environment [ … ]


Aqua means water. Ponics means grow. There are so many new mediums beyond soil to plant our crops in, that conserve precious resources, and are better for the people and [ … ]


What the most fulfilling thing about being a #sustainable entrepreneur is supporting access to new #farmingopportunities like Human Habitat who have developed an Impact Farm. The compact pop-up hydroponics system is easy as [ … ]