Our entirely-volunteer driven organisation is led by a tireless and highly skilled team. Each team member manages a range of volunteer bodies, staying true to our grassroots history and model, addressing a wide range of operation tasks achieved through a cooperative management structure.

Sky Sheridan

CHief Innovations Officer

An ordinary citizen engaging in extraordinary solutions, Sky is the manager of the overall operations and resources wearing as many hats as needed to get the job done, while constantly evolving his skills to create a community that solves a problem and is a product in and of itself.

In 2001, the U.N. declared we had the resources and technology to solve all our problems, but it was not possible because it was not profitable.  This is when Sky started his labor of love to get back to his roots in sustainable education, health and service after twenty years in entertainment and advertising, having launched a former ad consulting company to produce user generated, uplifting and empowering campaigns.  


Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine. -Hippocrates

Johan Malmström

Chief Technical Officer

Johan began his work at SkyFarms as an intern, developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources. Ensuring technologies are used efficiently and securely.

International male top model and self-proclaimed technical guru. Johan who is serving as our technical chair, his previous work experience includes working as a production assistant for Giorgio Armani, held a client relation position at Valentino and now leads the SkyFarms developing team. 

His love for technology helped us reach out to the public on various media platforms.


Michal Rutkowski


Michal started out as an implementing partner connecting us with non-formal educational training and quickly began to grow into giving SkyFarms the leverage and opportunities it needed to put value on the table, and into our community. Our development and overall strategy specialist, he makes sure if we can dream it, we can achieve it. 

Responsible for running a range of tasks, ensuring the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed properly. Participatory community plays a huge part in the success of our organisation.

Dr. Rebekah
Granger Ellis


Rebekah Granger Ellis, M.Ed., Ph.D. works at the Department of Education and Human Development, University of New Orleans. She conducts research in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology, Psychometrics, Socioaffective Development, and Curriculum and Instruction. She specializes in mixed-methods research.

Hannah A. Eckberg


Hannah grew up on a coastal ranch in Southern California where she developed a deep connection to nature and growing food.

At the age of 19 she became President of Get Oil Out, recognized as America’s first grassroots environmental organization.  Then going on to contribute to the world of design solutions through her work with Permaculture Magazine.  



The new year brings some new beginnings at SkyFarms! We’ve added some new members to our board of advisors, rounding out this group of incredible board to seven. From farming engineers, to community ambassadors, from business leaders, doctors, techies, educators and experts in the wellness, health and holistic market we have it covered to guide our SkyFarms team strategy & support. 

-Advisors have a passion for helping to write the future, implementing ideas from the micro to the macro.

Bob Gutermuth


One of the top 15 Direct Marketers in the US, Bob Gutermuth, served as an executive director in Dell’s Public Sector Division. Leader of the marketing strategy team, direct marketing efforts, including business planning, increasing SkyFarms’s value proposition and enhanced customer relationships. 

Giles Whiting


Former Chief of Staff and Head of Product at TTEC, and GM of Humanify (wholly owned by TTEC). Former EVP & COO of BRAC: oversaw 5 departments of 40 staff focused on economic development activities for greater Baton Rouge area 


Charles R. Merrill


Charles R. Merrill has served as Vice President, and later as Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management at loanDepot, Inc, and served at PIMCO, Goldman Sachs, and UBS Investment Bank.

Perch Ducote


Perch is our one of our initial investors, a self-proclaimed sage in the city, and the creator of an informal, emergent think tank group which is dedicated to driving the worlds change.  Among many things too long to list, he is a concept pioneer, a master of meaningful communication, a leader of making valuable exchanges and last, but not least, has been advocating for peace and ending hunger his whole life, making a positive impact in sectors ranging from management, communication, art, entertainment, philanthropy, finance and business.  

Sarah DeAnna

Public Relations &

SuperRoleModel, Bestselling Author, Consultant, Brand Ambassador and Communications specialist in the Health and Wellness space. Current focus on precision health, wellness, beauty, and fitness in regard to the Human Genome, Biome, Biotechnology and A.I. Female Biohacker. Fitness Junkie. Yoga Lover.  Plant-Based Diet Enthusiast.  She is the director of sale and marketing for JOGA-KI the worlds first ever yoga nutrition elixir. The best part of all, she has roots in farming too and isn’t afraid of overalls or dirt.  

Linda E. Marcias

Fundraising &

Our farming matriarch, a masterful chef, an avid healer of of the sick, and uplifter to souls —Linda is one of the best cheerleaders one could ask to have on their team.  She is also an original investor in the initiative furthering her life-long passion and work to make sure people have enough food on the table.  

Many of her accolades to flaunt are her educational impact on youth, individual caregiving to those with disease, illness or fatal diagnosis, and finally, getting things done by making the impossible happen inside her local hospitals, schools and family.

Contributing Stakeholders

Putting their skin, blood, sweat and tears in the game.