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When we didn’t have enough money to buy food we grew it. But why in a world, where we produce enough food to feed 10B, do 1/3 go hungry and 1/3 are obesese? Almost 1/3 is lost or wasted, or given to livestock. The UN decided to tackle this challenge by declaring in 2001 in the Millenium Sustainable Development Goals that we had the technology and resources to end hunger.  A greater focus on farming was on the rise.  Then in 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals decided we had reached the moment where by 2030 we would reach Zero Hunger.  Additionally, plant-based diets are being recommended by health professionals around the world as a way for us to sustain ourselves as a whole population.  And ever since we have been teaching and talking to anyone who wanted to know more about agriculture.  

After working with a CEO of a $4B Fortune 500 company for a year, our founder decided it was time to take matters into his own hands and launch an agriculture movement.  Getting back to his sustainable roots, the founder pursued a vision that was ahead of its time but is finally now in fashion.  This came with challenges as the AgTech and Smart Farming market was unknown and has just reached its tipping point in 2018.  Vertical growing, and growing in soilless mediums in any location, at anytime, would be the way we could grow food on every corner, but required better incentives for regular citizens to become stakeholders in the food production, distribution and consumption.

It once was said,”let thy food be thy medicine.”  And rightfully so.  It not only provides us energy, but catapults entire civilisations and controls populations.  Historically, the agrarian age brought about writing, money, roads, laws, and society as we know it.  Food is such an intrinsic part of survival so the people who owned the food became kings, but then resources of the many began to flow to the few.  And its been that way ever since.  It’s time to democratise, empathise and re-civilise through food distribution, and disruption.  The challenge: Zero Hunger. The opportunity: A $15B market, 60% increase in food production to feed a growing population, most which are living in urban areas with no access to local food, and 80% of agriculture pursuing SMART upgrades in farming.

Lets Make Growing Food More Valuable Than Printing Money

Access vs. ownership

Our Vision is using digital world to grow food on every corner for Zero Hunger. Our Mission is democratic, inclusive, equal, sustainable, regenerative, farm-to-fork local food production, consumption and distribution. Our Values are building Human, Social, Natural Capital for Green, Circular, Holistic Growth & Wellbeing.


DISRUPT the systemic root of the problem

DISTRIBUTE resources for food production and consumption

DEMOCRATISE food distribution resources smart and sustainably production and consumption

The SkyFarms.io open-source AgHub initiative seeks to support global efforts through a participation based community to make agricultural space, information and technology available, accessible, and usable for unrestricted use worldwide. The initiative focuses on building high-level policy and public and private institutional support for open data to repurposing space for farms, leveraging information and technology to grow local food and create sustainable value. The initiative encourages collaboration and cooperation among existing agriculture and open data activities, without duplication, and brings together all stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems of hunger and increasing urban populations without access to a local food production, consumption and distribution system.

Open access to research, and open publication of resources, are vital for future food security, driven by farmers, farmer organisations, researchers, extension experts, policy makers, governments, and other private sector and civil society stakeholders participating in ‘innovation systems and along value chains. Lack of institutional, national, and international policies and openness limits the effectiveness of agricultural innovation. Making open-source work for agriculture requires a shared agenda to increase the supply, quality of food while improving the health, and wellbeing of people and the planet.

The SkyFarms.io open-source AgHub initiative is a voluntary association brought together around a shared purpose. Launched in December 2017, the initiative welcomes all those who share this purpose to join as members and to participate in shaping coordinated activities that can deliver on the potential of creating access and incentives to space, information and technology for the expansion of sustainable agriculture. Together, initiative partners seek to support this initiative through the following guidelines and principles.

In line with global movements for sustainability, AgTech and open-access the initiative seeks to:

  • advocate for open-source policies by default, in both public and private sectors, whilst respecting and working to balance openness with legitimate concerns in relation to privacy, security, community rights and commercial interests
  • advocate for the release of space, information and technology in support of Innovation and Economic Growth, Improved Service Delivery and Effective Governance, and Improved Environmental and Social Outcomes

With a focus on open-source for agriculture the initiative seeks to:

  • advocate for new and existing initiatives to set a core focus on local farm-to-fork agriculture democracy
  • encourage the agreement on and release of a common set of agricultural opportunities
  • increase widespread awareness of ongoing activities, innovations and good practices
  • advocate for collaborative efforts on future agriculture open data endeavours
  • advocate programs, good practices, and lessons learned that enable the use of open-source particularly by and for the rural and urban underprivileged, impoverished
  • advocate for investment in human, social and natural capital as a way of measuring growth
  • advocate for the achievement of our 17 Growing Goals

Time line


*Wageningen University Startlife Accelerator *WSIS Hacks-Against Hunger


*Official Open-Source Agrisphere Platform Launch


*Warzaw Poland, Erasmus *Humanitarian Expo *EIT Food Challenge *Growing Beyond Earth *Google Start Up Campus *European Commission *Smart Living Mural *Unilever young entrepreneurs *Partnering Dialog Group *New Website Launch *Android App


*CocoHub volunteers Malta *New UX release *Hackathon *Release Open-Source farming software

SkyFarms Team

Our entirely-volunteer driven organisation is led by a tireless and highly skilled team. Each team member manages a range of volunteer bodies, staying true to our grassroots history and model, addressing a wide range of operation tasks achieved through a cooperative management structure.









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