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SkyFarms AgLabs Looking For Impact Makers To Open Up AgLabs In Following Cities:



New York City

Los Angeles


SkyFarms App, The Space-to-Farm Simulator, Soon Ready For Download (Jan 2020)

Beta Version

Add your space, connect to the market, consulting, marketing and more…

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Beta Version

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(release date for iPhone & Android will be held separately. Android release Jan 2020 and iPhone spring 2020)

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SkyFarms Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC)

Register for our spring semester 2020.

1. Where We’ve Gone. Where We Are Growing
2. Sustainable Science: Principles, Practices
3. Smart Cities and Urban Agriculture
4. Circular, Green Economy: Access vs. Ownership
5. CELTRIX (communication-energy-logistic matrix)
6. Biomimicry, Biocentrism and Permaculture
7. E-Agri: Youth, ICTs (information communication technology), and Farming
8. Green Tech and Innovation
9. AgLab Impact:



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