Our open-source community is constantly brainstorming together about how to put value on the table (i.e FOOD). They get inspired by other Makers and DIY challenges. Then those ideas turn through our Trello, Slack, Github, Facebook channels until a couple of people commit to code for crops, bringing a solution to market that creates better access for agripreneurs across our network.



We are a food democracy and we welcome you to our farm-to-fork forum.  Here you can ask a question about the best lighting for your farm project, provide an answer about maximising yield, share you idea for a new product, or give feedback about activities, rally people to your activist agenda, see what our celebrated experts suggest about growing trends, zero hunger and sustainability, or simply just take it all in.  Whatever you choose to discuss, come be part of the collective intelligence that goes into elevating everything we do.  

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Did you know we are a group of resourceful folks.  We repurpose, upcycle, share.  We are self-organised, self-reliant, self-motivated, and driven by curiosity to locally build things ourselves, that have real purpose and value.  Find a project to do right in your own backyard, or basement.  Do you have a DIY video you want us to know about? Share it.  Or make one yourself.  The makers movement is a social movement with an artisan spirit. Maker culture emphasises learning-through-doing (active learning) in a social environment. Maker culture emphasises informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment. *Open-Source Resources *DIY *Hands On Experience *CrowdSourcing *Informal Learning

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Digital Enlightenment is Here.  A wise man once said, “it’s all ones and zeroes out there.” Except he wasn’t wise.  He was drunk.  And he wasn’t a man. He was a cartoon character named Rick.  Regardless, it not an alternative fact, it´s true.  And, as the world becomes more digitally engulfed, and exchanges happen in the virtual world, coders have profound responsibility to carry us forward toward the kind of connections we want to make, what we do with all this information, the experiences that our healthiest for us to engage in, and the access to goods and services that improve the way we live our lives.   We have a Github and many commitments to challenges from upgrading our Farm Designer App, improving our P2P Marketplace, developing better ways to capture data, recruiting software for our agripreneurs and AgLabs, and machine learning tools that will help consult farmers in real time navigating them through the maze of choices, and options.

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Our greatest moments have come from learning and from teaching.  Gnosis, or “to know”, is one of our core values.  Because knowledge is power.  So get fired up and ready to grow with us because we have an interactive and fun way for you to better understand, and embody, sustainable design, and smart cities, which agriculture is a key component in.   You will learn how communication, energy, and logistics form a matrix that propel us into new states of consciousness and how to start to design for sharing, localism, connectedness, and proportionality, so we can better understand how to manage and conserve our precious resources, live healthier, happier, more integrated, holistic lives. Let’s grow beyond our limits and unleash our full human capacity.  

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