Welcome to our Skyfarms FoamFarm! Here you can find communities, organisations and businesses who are involved in growing food. Play around in the FoamFarm and get to know our food growing ecosystem!

If you are new to farming, want to start a community supported agriculture project, looking for smart growing solutions like agtech, vertical, hydroponics, regenerative farming methods, or interested in finding products and services that are impacting hunger, and food security, then here’s how to use our SkyFarms AgSphere.

To get to resources to support your growing journey click on the Key Words you are looking for:

  1. Community: Impact, Education, Media, Consulting
  2. Technology: Hardware, Software, Integrated, Inputs
  3. Method: Vertical, Hydroponics, Aeroponics
  4. Growing Medium: Soil, Soilless
  5. Ecosystem: Urban, Rooftop, Underground, Domes
  6. Farming: Urban, Regenerative, Micro, Traditional, Wall
  7. Place: Indoor, Outdoor