We are a collaborative community of citizens, farmers, scientists, educators, agtech experts, soil impactors, land stewards, energy innovators, hardware makers and software developers who make up a SMART AGHUB network of shared resources.
Lettuce get food security growing in your local community.

Challenges & opportunities

Traditional Farming

By 2050, 70% of 9 billion people living in the cities, 1 billion will go hungry.


Climate crises, waste, pollution, inequality. There is currently short term growth in farming.


There is a lack of access in a fragmented market. Only few hold the power and resources of established institutions with self-interest.

Future Farming

Farm-to-Fork local production, consumption and distribution can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Autonomous automation conserves resources and monitors growth.

Sustainable Design

Resource management, localisation, sustainability is built to last. Do more with less.


This is a holistic approach that is distributed, disruptive, and collaborative. Extend the value of goods and resources by sharing open-source information, collective intelligence, and growing together.


On A Project

.IO = input/output.

Read more about SkyFarms


.Io is associated with open-source technology standing for Input and Output. It's essence is binary and allows for transparent participation and emergent contributions. SkyFarms is a great way to look at Sustainable Energy Equation to promote and achieve sustainable development goals. If it takes an input of 500 Calories to grow an apple with an output of 50 Calories, then it is easy to see energy debt and is not sustainable.

Read more about SkyFarms


Get together with other passionate, purpose based people changing the world. Get involved now by making your own farm prototype or add your DIY instructions to our group. We create code that guides and connects farmers to resources they need to grow local food. Find tutorials, and tips from our agricultural experts on sustainable design.










I really feel like I'm connected to a purpose, I wish to cause an impact for the world. I saw your project, I felt really hopeful that I could contribute to it positively.

Giulia (Brazil)

This project stood out to me because I recently spent time reading up on hydroponics and CSA for a side project a few friends were working on. I was impressed with the many potential merits of the idea—food available year-round, putting unused spaces to work, greener delivery options, and so forth.

Stephanie/Software Developer

It's wonderful that the initiative has attracted so many willing volunteers, it really shows how eager people are to work towards a globally transformative goal. 


As soon as we read the project we realised that it was just what we were looking for.

Federica & Giacomo (Italy)

Your project looks amazing and I really feel like I need to learn more from you and help as much as I can!


We think your project is fantastic. It is important for us to learn how to grow and care for plants in an organic way but also learn about AgTech, sustainable principles, collaborative economy.

Gustavo (Venezuela)

I read a few weeks ago what you offer and a little your description and I will not fool you when I tell you that I loved it. It makes me happy that there are people like you who contribute to creating a culture and a different economy in the face of fierce capitalism that oppresses us.

Marc (Catalonia)

Such a breath of fresh air to see a projects like yours.

Himanshi (India)

I came across your profile and the Agrihub initiative you've got going on sounds right up my street! I like your approach to sustainability and starting local, and I would really like to contribute to the project.

Elanor (England)

In my opinion you do a fascinating and incredible job which I’d really like to join! The way we’re producing and growing our food is one of the most important topics in a time of global warming and fast growth of population.

Andre (Germany)

Simply put, I think what you're doing is really cool! I feel it would give me some valuable perspective on this type of inter-community development that could be applied to my planning studies and possibly even planning career down the road.           

Nicolas Munoz (America)

Your Agrihub Farm-To-Fork initative has several goals and values that I find very innovative and helpful to address several social and environmental issues in our world. The open-Source and collaborative approach of your initiative along with an economic development strategy is very powerful. 

David (Columbia)

In your proejct I am impressed by the fact that I can become a part of innovation community.


The look of your project and company is extremely inspiring. I care very deeply about the environment, so I am very interested to learn more about sustainable ways of living.

Harry (England)

I'm very excited to Join in the great Agrihub Project you are developing because of the humanistic Ideals around it.  I'm also glad to read about your biodiversity and love for humanity which we need so much in our world today. 

Confidence Eke (Nigeria)

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